The LGBT+ community: for a long time marginalized, stigmatized, and criminalized - today the ultimate champions of creativity, diversity, and innovation in a highly competitive world. In addition, corporate social responsibility and ethical demands for inclusivity have now become economic directives every organization would like to attain. Gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and queer individuals are symbols of diversity and economic power - true GaYme Changers developing the global economy faster and for the better.

Supported by up-to-date research and illustrated by fascinating stories, Jens Schadendorf has traced the LGBT+ community and an increasing number of their allies from across the globe to discover the start of a revolution. It becomes clear, even in times of hostility, resistance, and crisis, it is economically and ethically beneficial for companies and societies everywhere in the world, to let LGBT+ members - individually and as part of organizations - develop into dynamic forces rooted in new forms of cooperation for ga(y)me changing results. Schadendorf shows investment in LGBT+ inclusion delivers a return.

It is good for business and society and the right thing to do.

GaYme Changer