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Hattie and all the beautiful creatures of her kind, written in playful rhyme by Pam Ayres.

We didn’t always live here, once we had a sunny home,

We came here with centurions, all the way from Rome . . .

From grape green meadows to old-fashioned farms, hares travelled thousands of miles to find a home in the British countryside. What do they eat? What's their perfect habitat? Can you tell them apart from rabbits?

Wonderfully illustrated by award-winning artist Nicola O'Byrne, I Am Hattie the Hare is a follow-up to Amazon bestseller, I Am Oliver the Otter. Bursting with natural and historical facts interwoven throughout the story, and with an information spread at the end, that includes tips on where to spot these gentle and instinctive animals.

I am Hattie the Hare

Expected to ship from March 14th
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