A beautiful gift idea for Mother's Day or a friend or a special person in  your life.

Firstly "The lost Spells " by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane. A beautifully illustrated small book with wonderful Spells,  poetry,  conjurings, charms, tongue-twisters, blessings,  lullabies and psalms.... stunning.

Next up, the beautiful book by Jackie Morris called "The  Unwinding". Beautiful
art work, words, slight and lyrical.  The aim is to set the reader's mind adrift from the troubles of our times, into peaceful harbours where imagination can stretch, where quiet reflection can bring peace......magical.
Also to finish this box of goodies are two Liznojan Brownies, gluten free and vegan.
Sounds dreamy, a mother's day treat...

Mothers day gift set/ The lost spells/ The unwinding and 2 Liznojan brownies