Ella Berthoud is a bibliotherapist at the international School of Life, prescribing literary cures to readers everywhere. 

"The benefits of reading can be seen not just in terms of what you learn, but also of their impacts on your mental health - even your physical health is affected by reading. 

A recent study has shown that readers of fiction live on average two years longer than non-readers. Yes! It's true. Reading makes you live longer. When you read, your heart rate slows, your eyes 'saccade' across the page, back and forth, which is a movement that creates a stress-reducing meditative state in your brain. Studies have shown that when the brain is in a reading state, it is very similar to the state that the brain attains when practising meditation...I have developed various exercises that will help you to make your reading more mindful, which will be shown throughout this book. 

If reading is your daily bread, then how best should it be consumed? And how should you read mindfully? Why will reading mindfully help you read better? That's what I'm going to explore in this book."

The Art of Mindful Reading