What makes a hero? 

Daniel Pitt was an RAF fighter in the First World War and an espionage agent for the SOE in the Second, but now the conflicts he faces are closer to home. 

His marriage has fractured beyond repair and his relationship with his son, Bertie, has been a failure since Bertie was a small boy. But after losing his brother Archie, Daniel is keen for new perspectives. He first travels to Peshawar to bury Archie in the place he loved best, and then finds himself in Canada, avoiding the complexities of his family back in England. But sometimes heroism means confronting the fact that it's never too late to do the right thing. Daniel and Bertie's different experiences of war bring with them the opportunity for the two to reconnect. If only they can find a way to move on from the past. 

Louis de Bernieres' new novel is a moving account of an extraordinary life in extraordinary times. Daniel is a flawed but captivating hero, and his coming-of-old-age story illuminates both the effect of two World Wars on a generation and the irrepressible spirit and love that can connect people despite great obstacles. 

The Autumn of the Ace

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