Raising a family presents numerous challenges and dilemmas and trying to be green at the same time may just seem like extra pressure. But many adults aspire to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle and to do the best for their children. 

The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting is the first book of its kind. Journalist, science writer and mother Zion Lights has researched all those questions that beset new or expecting parents - not just about environmental issues but also on approaches to parenting. She focuses on the scientific evidence rather than on the latest fad or personal anecdote and the result is a book that will help you adjust your lifestyle in practical ways that work for you and your child. 

From birth to nutrition and from nappies to travel, advice based on research and evidence can guide the way. And the good news is that going green will not only help to save the planet and help protect your child's health, it will also result in a happier and more fulfilling family life. 

The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting