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Happy New Year

Goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023.

This year gone we have seen our coffee shop close and then merge back into the bookshop. This was a crazy time of 2022 for our family, not only did we have to say goodbye to staff and close down a running business but we at home were living in a caravan and building our own home. Total madness; a nine year old, five year old, two kittens, various chicks with heat lamps and riding toy trains.....all within a 10ft wide caravan. THEN coming to the decision that running two shops, nine members of staff, building our own house and coming home to that was just a bit too much!

So, it is with great sadness for the coffee shop, but happiness for my health, sanity and family that we made the decision we did. And as it turns out it was a great business plan apparently as we can say our Bookshop has had the best trading year so far. 5 years into this crazy venture of ours, I'm glad to say it seems to be working and we couldn't have done that without your support.

So, thank you! Thank you for choosing to support our family business. Our little shop with local staff and local therapists out in the Durin Room. We support local authors and also other local traders; Lloyd White Insurers, Roastworks Coffee, Flowers, Exploding Bakery cakes, Local artists and more. It really does pay to use other local companies, our insurers sorted everything and had the money with us after the flood within a month! Epic. So by shopping with us, you also support many, many more businesses within Tiverton.

Looking forward then! So, for 2023 what can you expect from Liznojan?

We've become home to Keri from Mid Devon Reflexology. The Durin Room is now her own special space for Reflexology and more!

With our sustainability ethos at our core I have completed a carbon calculator and have applied for an electric bike for me to travel to work with. It turns out that 90% of our carbon output is from my trips to work and back so with this reduced our business is well on it's way to becoming carbon neutral. This is a certainly a goal for us which we will stive to work towards.

More Author events. With the covid years another year behind us I hope to be able to secure more Author visits, so keep an eye on our website for events. In February with have Robin Ince visiting us and tickets will go on sale very soon.

Collaborations with more local businesses and venues, schools and charities.

Book onto our bookclub and join our brilliant group of local Liznojan enthusiasts.

We're looking at hosting two nights or more so please do register your interest.

World Book Day will be upon us before we know it and we are making some big plans!

So, all in all. It's been a fantastic year and we look forward to be able to offer our amazing customers even more with 2023. Thank you to every single one of you, regular or irregular, instore or online. Thank you.

Team Liznojan x

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