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Bookish gifts for the Bibliophile

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We sell Audiobooks

Another way to steer clear of helping the Billionaires, join today and support Liznojan.

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About us at Liznojan

Liznojan: To learn whilst following a path. Liznojan is a small bookshop located on the highstreet of Tiverton in Devon. Owned by mother and daughter, Liznojan, has now been growing for 5 years and become a hub for the community. We employ 4 members of staff from within our town and work with several local schools. Liznojan is adorned with beautiful murals by a talented artist and we stock gifts and products from local makers and crafters. If you cannot find the book you are looking for on our website do use our shop to support us with your book buying. They give us a fair price and it's a fantasic way to shop online and avoid the dreaded Am*zon. We have a real love of nature and the environment and you will find this reflected in the books we stock. Be that adults or our huge range of children's books.

SJP Tiverton

“My favourite bookshop and it's not just because my book is sold there! I don't know how they do it but whenever I visit Liznojan I want to buy, not just one, but ALL the books. They just look and sound so good! This doesn't happen in other bookshops so I assume Liznojan has some magical power over me. Great coffee, super-helpful staff, lovely atmosphere."

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