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It's Christmas time

The snow has fallen before Christmas, which I can't remember happening since 2010. I've worked in retail my entire working life, since I was 15 and started in Homefayre across the road. Snow the weeks leading up to Christmas can be seriously detrimental to businesses big and small.

Though with the postal strikes this year and delivery drivers struggling to deliver if the snow gets bad, we may all suffer a blow. For small businesses December can carry you through the rest of the year, but as we know after the last few years, so much can affect that crucial time.

It's always such a risky business nowadays. However, we absolutely love running this bookshop in

Tiverton and our customers are our friends. We love the hustle and bustle of this season and the festive cheer. We've had some fantastic events recently at Ashley Court and in Exeter, meeting new people and old friends.

There are many ways to support the businesses of Tiverton this year. Lots of us have websites for which you could collect purchases or get them posted. Though the joy of us being here is to see customers, bond, create an experience. It stills helps us if you shop with us online.

Here are some great ideas of gifts you can purchase to help Tiverton Businesses thrive over the festive period.

There really is little need to head over to the large cities or shopping centers for Christmas, Tiverton has so much to offer. Besides, you won't have to fight your way along the high street or struggle for a parking space. Parking is free in the multistorey car park every Saturday leading up to the big day, plus it's dry in there!

With plenty of coffee shops to also keep you warm whilst visiting these fantastic shops, created by local families, you'll never be far from a cake.

Shop local, support local. We say it a lot, but we really do care and want to stay here year after year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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